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I invite anyone and everyone to take to twitter and tumblr and join me, jlawandcompany and hundreds of others and post something positive about Jennifer Lawrence. A fact, a quote, a moment she made you feel happy. Anything that reminds people she is a human being, a role model, a young woman and #MoreThanJustAPhotograph


I am so excited for this! If everyone just posts one thing, either on here or on Twitter, we could really make a difference. Please reblog and lets get the word out!

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Anonymous said: What's the relationship between Emily and Allison? I don't watch the show, and the gifs I see on Tumblr never make sense. Also I thought Allison was a bad person? Like what is the lie? I don't get anything..


Weeell if I try to explain it to you, you’d probably end up being even more confused and if I start talking about Emily and Alison, I’m afraid there ain’t no stopping…Uhmmm they have a really dynamic, interesting and thrilling relationship. They are the only two characters that are completely opposite from one another and yet they bring out the best of each other..So you should like watch only their story cz it’s really twisted.They are twisted, they literally never had something stabled and so called ‘healthy’

But above all that;

Caring and crazily protective
There’s jealousy of couuuurse.

Desperate for one another
Lust ,Love and Desire;

They don’t necessarily need words to communicate, IT JUST TAKES A LOOK;

See now my feelings took over and I can’t stop, it’s just that I can’t really entirely explain them because they are so tragically beautiful, imma cry

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I forgive a lot, but I never forget what’s said and done.”

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Anonymous said: Hey! So I noticed that you ship Emison from PLL and I was wondering why you like it so much? I don't watch the show but my friend likes Paily and I see constant ship wars. Have a good night!


Heyy!!  Well, my answer will be LONG because yes, i love Emison very much, and here my main reasons of why this ship is so so precious for me:


 Emily was in love with Alison since forever. She’d fallen in love with Ali in seventh grade… In fact, it was the very first time Emily had ever seen Ali.

 Emily’s first kiss was with Alison. And Alison is Emily’s first love.

 With Emily, Alison can show her vulnerable side, and she doesn’t see any problem in this.

 Their relationship is very special and unique. It’s deep and has lots of conflicts.

 The snowglobe that Ali gives to Em was meant for somebody very special to Alison, and she gave it to Emily.

 They have their special place, ‘the kissing rock’ —> EF + AD = Forever.

 Emily dreamed of them being married one day, and having a little house together.

 Emily never took off her bracelet.

 They made plans to go to ‘Sweet Paris’, and Ali said to Ems that they could stay there forever.

✱ They always say the most beautiful things to each other: ‘How about forever’, ‘That’s why I love you, you are big on happy endings’, You were the hardest one to leave behind’.

 Emily is the only one who really understands Alison.

 Emily will always do anything to protect Ali.

 Even after all the time that Ali was gone, Emily never stopped loving her.

 Emily will never love anyone as much as she loved (and still loves) Alison.

 They are always there for each other: Alison saved Emily’s life twice, and Emily saved Ali’s life.

✱  ”I loved her against reason, against promise… against peace, against hope, against happiness… against all discouragement that could be”. 

 They complete each other. They need each other.

Thanks for the question and have a great night as well :)

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best friends who slowly fall in love with each other is what otps are made of

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Emily and Alison in Season 5 so far- requested by anonymous.

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              “Part of me wanted her gone.  

                                                         I still do…

                                                                  want her  g o n e.”

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